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Our faith

The New Apostolic Church is a international, christian church. The church perceives itself as the church of Christ equal to the first churches to the time of the first Apostles. The Holy Scripture and the modern Word inspired through spirit build the foundation of the doctrine of the NAC, whos goal it is to proclaim the plan of salvation of God and to prepare believing souls for the return of Christ. Around 11 Million new apostolic christians, which live on all 5 Continents and in approx. 65´000 Congregations, belong to all walks of life and to diverse social, cultural and age groups.


God is triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and wants to help all of Mankind.

Jesus Christ reigns in his Church through living Apostles and the work of the Apostle Ministry is necessary to prepare the believers for the return of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ gave us 3 Sacraments, which can also be given unto children: Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing and Holy Communion.

Jesus will return shortly- and that is why this Event must consciously be a part of our lives.


What is different?

Along with the many commonalities we have with other christian denominations, we additionally believe in a church where the Word of God is revealed through the Holy Spirit. For that one does not need a master in theology or other extensive premeditations or preparations for the sermon and the divine service. What one does need is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, which one must be able to experience directly in the service as speaking personally to ones self. This is what we experience in the divine services.

Vision Statement of the New Apostolic Church

A church in which people feel at home and, inspired by the Holy Spirit and their love for God, align their lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thus prepare themselves for His return and eternal life.

Mission Statement of the New Apostolic Church

Reaching out to all people in order to teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to baptize them with water and the Holy Spirit. Providing soul care and cultivating a warm fellowship in which everyone shall experience the love of God and the joy of serving Him and others.


The word of god

The Word of God has a fundamental meaning for us in the Divine Services. The believers expect a sermon which has not been prepared beforehand. We believe and experience that, like to Jesus´ times as well, that the Holy Spirit must directly address the listener. It should not be the word of a man, but much rather the word of God. We believe that God can reveal the word through the Holy Spirit. That is also the reason why the administration brothers of the New Apostolic Church have not studied theology but are ordained and called by the regional responsible Apostle.


Pastoral care

The personal and close contact to the ministers is the prerequisite to having a sense of well being. To accomplish this, one needs the activity of all participants. Pastoral Care is therefore a primary objective of the work of the New Apostolic Church. Pastoral Care is offered in the two divine services per week, on Sunday morning and Thursday Evening, along with additional regular group meetings, special offers for different age and interest groups. Additionally all members have a right to personal pastoral care. The Ministers of the New Apostolic Church do pastoral care voluntarily and without charge, next to there normal day to day responsibilities in family, society and work. Most of the ministers have- like in the original christian churches- no studies of theology or other religious credentials.


International congregation

The congregation of Denia is very international. Around 60 % are German speaking (Swiss and German), followed by Spanish, English and Dutch Members. Because of this reason all divine services can be heard via a simultaneous audio system, in all 3 languages of Spanish, German and English. Also because of this the congregational activities are diverse and colorful.

Our family

We view ourselves as one large family! Everyone can participate, if they wish to, in all activities of the congregation and may feel welcome and at home. Help and support as neighbours and in between members, where ever possible and needed, is practiced. All of the above happens without force or pressure but much rather in a colloquial and easy going fashion. All activities and offers are there for those who wish to partake thereof.


Youth work is a large part of the New Apostolic Church, likewise in the congregation of Denia. Even though the group consisting of youth of our congregation is relatively small, participation in the work of the congregation is extensive. The Youth act as choir leaders, soloists and in partake in a multitude of the other responsibilities which need taking care of in a congregation. The youth group of Denia describe themselves as: “Small but effective! ;)”

Seniors and 60plus

The Seniors Group of the Congregation is a diverse group of people like the Congregation itself. We have two senior activity groups: One is called "60PLUS" and is for the younger members of the seniors in our congregation. The other one is just called "Seniors" (here their annual programme 2018). Our Seniors Leader looks for a new destination each month, to which the group either hikes or takes a car trip to. Always after the journey, the Seniors Group ends the get together with a nice meal and coffee, tea and cake. We also have older members who are ill or in the Pensioners Home. They are regularly visited by a administration brother and receive personal pastoral care.


Music has a high priority in our congregation. On principle the congregational main choir always sings in each divine service. Everyone is invited to participate! Choir practices always take place on a Sunday, after the service. Additionally in the services and outside of them, i.e. concerts, different outside interprets such as soloists and instrumental musicians perform. It is intended that in the near future we start a instrumental music group. Also here everyone is heartily welcomed to join in! We are glad about every enrichment! Church music in the New Apostolic Church, according to the official stand point, not bound to any style or taste. Much more it is wished for that different styles, musical directions and tastes find their place, leading to a rich and diverse musical spectrum,  so that everyone can find something to his liking and fulfills the pallet of needs of both musicians and listeners. Here to the right you may click through different pictures of music in and outside of our church by us or outside interprets…


We have a small group of children in our congregation which attends Sunday School or receives Confirmation Classes. In a world of decreasing values and principles of character, we believe a well founded christian education can build a basis of good child rearing and education. Pastoral Care also for chilren is a fundament for the growing of young citizens into a responsible way of life after the principles given to us through the Gospel and Jesus Christ. These soul caring opportunities offered by the church compliment and supports the raising of the children by the parents at home. The work of the church is different according to the age group, and begins with Sunday School and ends with Confirmation Classes. Above you can see a picture taken after a Childrens Divine Service held together with neighbouring congregations.


Even though we don´t see ourselves as a “Event-Church” and we do not intend on becoming one either, nevertheless a diverse range of events and activities are regularly on offer, where one can partake of. For example monthly seniors outings and trips, youth reunions, presentations for adults or children. Also one must mention the, by now a well known part of the cultural landscape of Denia, our annual Christmas Concerts and many events more.

Click here for our yearly calendar of all special divine services and events 2018


A work group consisting of members of the congregation has made it its goal to, in the frame of monthly events, offer different interesting activities and presentations for the other members of the congregation, but also for outside visitors. Under the name of FORUM held monthly activities can be seen further below with the yearly Program.

For more information call: +34 603 587 836
Address: Camí Alt de Denia a Xabía, 8, Denia – Near Hotel Port Denia

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