Our Faith

The New Apostolic Church is a international, christian church. The church perceives itself as the church of Christ equal to the first churches to the time of the first Apostles. The Holy Scripture and the modern Word inspired through spirit build the foundation of the doctrine of the NAC, whos goal it is to proclaim the plan of salvation of God and to prepare believing souls for the return of Christ. Around 11 Million new apostolic christians, which live on all 5 Continents and in approx. 65´000 Congregations, belong to all walks of life and to diverse social, cultural and age groups.

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Our Faith

New Apostolic Christians believe that:

Triune God

God is triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and wants to help all of Mankind

Living Apostles

Jesus Christ reigns in his Church through living Apostles and the work of the Apostle Ministry is necessary to prepare the believers for the return of Jesus Christ

3 Sacraments

Jesus Christ gave us 3 Sacraments, which can also be given unto children: Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing and Holy Communion


Jesus will return shortly

Jesus will return shortly- and that is why this Event must consciously be a part of our lives